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The Boil

We've all seen those photos of a large outdoor table with a tons and tons of cooked cajun seafood just dumped on top of it. Seafood slathered in a rich, seasoned garlic butter sauce. The Boil in NoHo is our NYC version of that southern delight.

Unfortunately, you don't get the huge table dumped with buckets of seafood to devour, but you do get your own personal bag of seafood combinations of your choice with three different butter options to choose from.

This was my second time at The Boil, and I couldn't help but order the same thing.

STEP 1: Pick your seafood option.


-Dungeness Crab

-King Crab Legs

-Snow Crab Legs




-Blue Crab (5)

OR you can select a combo option that allows you to pick two and comes with corns and potatoes.

I chose the King Crab Leg combo with Shrimp...ALWAYS get shrimp. They give you so many for what you pay for that it makes it totally worth it.

STEP 2: Pick a Sauce

Here you have to decide if you want your seafood served Dry, with a Garlic Butter, O'bay (Old Bay), Lemon Pepper, or The Boil Special Cajun Blend (combination of all the spices). I choose the Cajun Blend because I'm in decisive and then this way I just have them all mixed together. I think when I go back, because I will return again and again, I will mix the Lemon Pepper and Garlic Butter.

STEP 3: Pick a Level of Spicy (Mild, Medium, Spicy, Fire)

The hottest I've gone is Spicy, and that's a decent amount of hot. I recommend Spicy because this heat will be drenched on all of your seafood. You are eating this bag of seafood for a pretty long time so just think about it.

The menu at The Boil does have appetizer options as well. Since nowadays I cannot go anywhere without getting Oysters, we definitely ordered those to start. They were pretty average, not the best Oysters I've had, but they were enjoyable for the moment. They have other options like calamari, shrimp cocktails, mac n cheese, and french fries.

It was really hard to take a lot of pictures while eating because your hands are covered in the delicious butter sauces. The restaurant gives you gloves to use so you don't get the sauce directly on your hands. Needless to say, we were probably the only table that refused the little rubber gloves. I don't know about how you eat your seafood, but licking the sauces off my fingers is my favorite part! We got a couple funny stares for that.

I 100% recommend The Boil for date night, dinner with the family, or a large group of friends.



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