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Brunch with Sam Essentials Gift Guide

Do you know someone who needs a little update to their kitchen tools? Do they need help investing in nice things for themselves? Are you that someone?

I've decided to compile a gift guide to help you decide on which pots, pans, and cooking tools you need for your kitchen or should gift to a friend! I've included all the items that help me navigate the delicious meals I'm always sharing, as well as, some options that might be better suited for you.


I figured it would be best to start off with some of the basic tools for your kitchen. Here is a list of a few items to get you started.


If there was any pan set that you needed in your kitchen, it's cast iron. The two sizes I listed below are the only ones you need; a personal size and a family size. They are super versatile and get very hot easily. The cast iron helps distribute heat evenly for whatever you're cooking.

Cast Iron Cookware 2-Piece Set. 2 Piece, $30

Ayesha Curry Nonstick Frying Pan

If cast iron isn't really your thing, Ayesha Curry makes an amazing nonstick pan. The nonstick part of the title is very true. One issue I have with other nonstick brands is that when pan frying my salmon, the skin will always stick to the bottom. Not with this one though!



The best gift I ever received for my kitchen was my Staub Dutch Oven. It truly changed the way I cooked. Using just this pot you can make chili, fry chicken (tofu), one pot spaghetti, braised meat, stews, the list goes on. Swipe through the gallery for a sample of some of my favorite meals I've made using this pot.

Take a look at a few great dutch oven options for yourself or someone you know!

The Staub pot I use: $99


Amazon Choice: 4.5 stars $59.99


Cheapest 5 star option: $33


Cooking Utensils

Last year, I started to move away from using plastic cooking utensils. It's something about plastic being used with high heat that's very unsettling to me. I was gifted the tools from the company I am recommending when I gave up plastic tools. Epicurean makes serving boards and kitchen accessories using naturally renewable or recycled wood composite. They are still expanding their accessories line so I included several other great options as well.

Check them out below:

Spatula, $11

Ladle, $11

Angled Stirrer, best for sauteing $10

Bamboo Spaghetti Spoon, $10

Fun Utensil Set made from Acacia Wood, $24.99, 6-piece set

The kitchen gadgets you always forget to buy: $29.99, 7-piece set


Even if you are not a coffee drinker, I highly recommend this cup to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. When I get my morning tea or coffee, it always goes into this cup and stays hot for hours throughout the day. One night I was getting really sick and coming down with an awful cold. I made tea around 10pm before going to bed. When I woke up in