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Brunch with Sam Essentials Gift Guide

Do you know someone who needs a little update to their kitchen tools? Do they need help investing in nice things for themselves? Are you that someone?

I've decided to compile a gift guide to help you decide on which pots, pans, and cooking tools you need for your kitchen or should gift to a friend! I've included all the items that help me navigate the delicious meals I'm always sharing, as well as, some options that might be better suited for you.


I figured it would be best to start off with some of the basic tools for your kitchen. Here is a list of a few items to get you started.


If there was any pan set that you needed in your kitchen, it's cast iron. The two sizes I listed below are the only ones you need; a personal size and a family size. They are super versatile and get very hot easily. The cast iron helps distribute heat evenly for whatever you're cooking.

Cast Iron Cookware 2-Piece Set. 2 Piece, $30

Ayesha Curry Nonstick Frying Pan

If cast iron isn't really your thing, Ayesha Curry makes an amazing nonstick pan. The nonstick part of the title is very true. One issue I have with other nonstick brands is that when pan frying my salmon, the skin will always stick to the bottom. Not with this one though!



The best gift I ever received for my kitchen was my Staub Dutch Oven. It truly changed the way I cooked. Using just this pot you can make chili, fry chicken (tofu), one pot spaghetti, braised meat, stews, the list goes on. Swipe through the gallery for a sample of some of my favorite meals I've made using this pot.

Take a look at a few great dutch oven options for yourself or someone you know!

The Staub pot I use: $99


Amazon Choice: 4.5 stars $59.99


Cheapest 5 star option: $33


Cooking Utensils

Last year, I started to move away from using plastic cooking utensils. It's something about plastic being used with high heat that's very unsettling to me. I was gifted the tools from the company I am recommending when I gave up plastic tools. Epicurean makes serving boards and kitchen accessories using naturally renewable or recycled wood composite. They are still expanding their accessories line so I included several other great options as well.

Check them out below:

Spatula, $11

Ladle, $11

Angled Stirrer, best for sauteing $10

Bamboo Spaghetti Spoon, $10

Fun Utensil Set made from Acacia Wood, $24.99, 6-piece set

The kitchen gadgets you always forget to buy: $29.99, 7-piece set


Even if you are not a coffee drinker, I highly recommend this cup to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. When I get my morning tea or coffee, it always goes into this cup and stays hot for hours throughout the day. One night I was getting really sick and coming down with an awful cold. I made tea around 10pm before going to bed. When I woke up in the middle of the night (around 3 am) my tea was still so hot! This insulated cup by Yeti is truly the best travel mug and definitely worth the price. Plus if any parts of it breaks (like the lid) they sell the replacement pieces online so you don't have to purchase a whole new one. Check them out below.

The Yeti Travel Cup I use: 20oz, $29.99

14 oz, $24.99

30 oz, $34.99


French Press

The only way I appreciate coffee at home is through a french press... it's the easiest way to make it and it just seems like the most natural way to me. The process is so simple; boil water, grind your beans, and press. Below are the tools I use or recommend when making coffee at home for real coffee lovers.

The Le Creuset French Press that I use: $40

A 4-star option that also gets the job done: 34oz, $19

The coffee bean grinder I use and recommend: Kitchenaid, $19.99



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