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Remedy Diner: Chicken and Waffles

Many people who have been following my food "adventures" for awhile now know that chicken and waffles is my number 1 go-to. Being from Pennsylvania, chicken and waffles is introduced as a traditional dish introduced by the Pennsylvania Dutch. However, their recipe is slightly different. Instead of maple syrup drizzled all over your plate, it was typically served with a creamy gravy, roast chicken, and sometimes a heaping scoop of mashed potatoes. It wasn't until someone told me about Sweet Chick that I actually had chicken and waffles as a breakfast meal. There is also a big controversial debate about whether the sweet and savory dish came from southern traditions. Instead of tying the meal to either end of the country, we just call it a "traditional American staple," because either way it came during the time of colonialism.

As I was on my way to a completely different restaurant that is actually known for its fried chicken and waffles, I stumbled across Remedy Dinner in Lower East Side. There was no wait for a table so this became the obvious choice. I placed my order and much to my surprise, the plate came out with crispy, CRISPY chicken tenders. The crunchy skin of the chicken was not how you would normally eat chicken tenders. It seemed like the tenders were dipped in a light batter, deep fried, and then baked for an extra crunch on the outside layer. These weren't your average bodega or Wendy's chicken tenders either or I wouldn't waste your time with this article. The tenders made eating them together with the waffles easier and mess free. You can freely eat your chicken and waffle together in one big bite.

Remedy Diner has a pretty broad menu. It's a diner so expect the meal options to be a little all over the place in a sense. Breakfast, dinner, sandwiches served all day. Mimosas and Bloody Mary's as staple beverage options for the brunch combos. The service is casual. One person takes your order and someone else might bring your drinks and another will deliver your food to you. The staff moves quickly so you're never actually waiting long for any of your items and you can wave down anyone you see for you refill or question.

I like that out of the two times I have been to Remedy Diner now, it is not crowded during peak brunch hours. If you're having a rough time getting a table during brunch rush, consider Remedy Diner on Houston Street.



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