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Look up, New York!

You never know what you might find when you put your phone away and walk around the city.

I was meeting my friend for dinner when I stumbled past the first ever pop-up experience by Yankee Candle, titled CandlePower.

The Power of a Candle

Each section of the experience demonstrates how scents have the power to transport you anywhere.

The experience is extremely interactive as you walk through the "Balsam & Cedar" forest upon entry.

Or relax and enjoy a coastal getaway with a "Beach Walk."

Yankee Candle, Pop-Up Shop 2017, Lifestyle, Brunch with Sam

The signature scent Sun Drenched Apricot Rose, was accompanied by a "rose garden."

And if you need something to relax your mind, the tranquility room is where you should head next. It features a room full of mirrors and a screen where you adjust the scent to be Peace+Tranquility, Balance+Harmony, or Reflection+Clarity from the Chesapeake Bay Collection.

The woodwick candles are my favorite and it probably had the best interaction in the whole pop-up.

Yankee Candle Pop-Up Shop 2017, Lifestyle, Brunch with Sam

I probably would have never known this pop-up shop was in SoHo, had I not put my phone away. In addition to the fun interactions with the scents, you get the opportunity to print a personal photo on the jar of your Yankee Candle purchase. It makes a pretty neat last minute gift for the holiday.

The shop is up until January 3, 2018.

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