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Jessi's Sweet Treats

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessi at a PR networking event last fall. She made cupcakes for the event and we exchanged social media information. Since I started following her, her page and talent has transformed so much. From making basic cake styles, to layers, and fondant designs. Her skills include chocolate and edible gold leaf work, as well.

Within the last few months, she introduced her Cake Jars and then held a giveaway to two lucky winners and I won!

In the giveaway I won a Red Velvet Cake Jar with cream cheese frosting and a Chocolate Cake with Nutella Butter Cream. These cakes remained so fresh and moist even after sitting in my fridge for about 3 days before I ate it. I'm not a cake person at all, but since I've followed Jessi for so long I figured I would enter the giveaway and see what happens.

Your next birthday party, baby shower, or graduation should 100% include a Jessi's Sweet Treat.

Watch her Youtube channel to learn more about her pastry process.

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