Good Ol' Cafeteria Food

Confession time...if it weren't for random conversations in a bar with strangers (phenomenal strangers who ended up being pretty cool friends of mine), I would have never heard of Cafeteria.


Considering it was only a go-to hang out spot for the Fab 4 of Sex in the City...

Telling my new friends I never even heard of Cafeteria made me feel like when Chandler admitted to the group he hates dogs.

Same thing.

The vibe of Cafeteria is sort of weird to explain. The decor is super simple, clean, and sleek. The setting is all white with dark wood accents, like the table. Yet, everyone working has a grungy, hip look about them. It's pretty interesting and worth seeing for yourself.

As for the food, of course I ordered Calamari to start. I mean if it's on the menu, then it's an automatic decision. For my entree I got the Green Eggs & Ham. The ham was sooo good, probably the best part. I didn't love the eggs. They're made with pesto and goat cheese, but the pesto lacked flavor.

When I finally was able to tell people that I ate here, everyone then asked me,

"OMG did you get the Mac & Cheese?"

I replied, "huh?"

I didn't even see mac & cheese on the menu, let alone think to just order a bowl of it. When I tell you EVERYONE asked me if I tried this macaroni, it is not a joke. People raved about how amazing it is and how you MUST try it.

So a week later, I went back to Cafeteria specifically for the "Mac Attack."

The whole way there I was thinking about how to write this post. Do I tell people I actually hated it? Well, say it in a nice way of course. Don't get me wrong, I like mac & cheese, just not a fan of ordering it for dinner while out.

I didn't read the menu this time. I knew exactly what I wanted. I sat down at the bar, ordered a glass of the Malbec because yes, you do need a glass of red wine at 5 p.m. with your mac & cheese on a Wednesday when it's 15 degrees outside.

And let me tell you...THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING.

I was completely unprepared for three bowls full of a different mac & cheese flavor: gouda & fontina (bomb), truffle oil (bomb), and bacon gouda (BOMB).

It was really as good as people said it was and it was a perfect comfort snack on a 15 degree day.

I was super satisfied and happy that I went back just for that. While at Cafeteria, do enjoy some of the cocktails on the menu. During my first visit, we ordered a carafe of the Rose Sangria.

It was super tasty. I think I should head back again next week and sample the cocktail menu...

Have you been to Cafeteria? What's your favorite thing to order? Do you love the Mac Attack as much as the rest of NYC? Let me know!

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