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Charm Kao Thai - Brooklyn


Of course a day out and about calls for a food stop. After running several errands around Downtown Brooklyn. When on my way to the train to Manhattan, debating between Mexican or pizza, I smelled Charm Kao Thai from across the street and had to see what they were about!

When I approached the restaurant, there was one couple seated well over 6 feet away and had 2 tables well spaced between us. The hostess greeted with hand sanitizer and seated me right away.

The first thing I politely asked her for was a Thai Iced Tea! On an 80 degree day with the sun blazing everywhere you walk, this iced cold, creamy drink is exactly what you need. Thai Iced Tea is actually one of my top 3 favorite type of drinks, it falls behind ginger beer, obviously. Not only is the orange color so attractive, but the sweet taste of tamarind, black tea, and condensed milk together make this drink so dreamy. It's so hard to not chug it the first 5 minutes especially on a hot day!

When I approached the restaurant, the sandwich board on the sidewalk listed a Massaman Curry with Beef Short Ribs as the lunch special.

Since I make curry a lot at home and eat it so many different ways all the time whether it be one of the many thai curries, a jamaican curry, or another West Indian curry. I just love the many flavors it has and can be and it's so easy to throw together especially for veggie meals in my house.

I knew what I was getting the moment I saw it as an option. Usually when I order a Thai curry, it's made with either chicken or shrimp so the beef was a new one for me!

Beef stews are actually my favorite comfort food. When the meat just melts off the bone or shreds so easily with a fork, those are the moments I love most.

The second dish we ordered is a fan favorite and one Akuro just can't avoid ordering, Tofu Pad Thai and very rarely does he order a meat protein.

The Pad Thai was just as good as I expected. The way they prepared their pad thai sauce almost had me asking for extra on the side! And the tofu did not disappoint; lightly pan-seared on all sides and holding all the fishy, peanut-y flavor.


After my meal I headed into Manhattan to finish a few more errands before making my way back home. I ended the day with ice cream from Lady Moo Moo in Bedstuy.

This tiny, ice creamery serves you from a walk-up window. The flavors are pretty simple and you can get all the classics like cookies & cream, pictured. They also have a Rooftop Honey flavor that tastes like creamy gold, if you can imagine.

Living around the corner from a handchurned ice cream stand is such a flex. And now that I'm home a lot more it would be nice if they were open during the week as well.


With a day this full, it would've been so rude of me not to share.

I hope you get the chance to visit Charm Kao Thai!

193 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201



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