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Cantina Rooftop

To all of you who get discouraged when the weather gets colder and rooftops start to close down, I have the solution for you. Cantina Rooftop is a modern Mexican restaurant offering happy hour, dinner and now a brand new brunch menu. The brunch menu offers all the basics like Eggs Benedict, but also classic Mexican dishes like Huevos Rancheros and Chilaquiles. For brunch you get a two-course meal for just $21! $21!!!! That's it. For an additional $11 you can have a dessert like Churros and another $25 for unlimited brunch cocktails for 1.5 hours.

The two-courses get you an appetizer, then your entree. The appetizers arrive to your table resembling the entree.

The Guacamole

The guacamole served at the beginning of your meal at Cantina is finger-licking good. It was bright green and fresh. If requested, the staff will bring you a selection of their three sauces to add to your bowl of guac. There is a green tomatillo salsa, a mild smoked salsa, and my favorite which is a picante pepper hot sauce.

French Toast

The French Toast is made with Tres Leches and served with a Pomegranate sauce and syrup. They were crispy on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside. The pomegranate sauce actually worked as a complimentary addition to the French Toast instead of over powering it.


Cantina Rooftop: Midtown West Brunch New York City

Gringa is an open-top quesadilla with lots of queso Oaxaca, veggies, and avocado moritza salsa. Since its served on two quesadillas, it is a little heavy so be mindful of that when considering your entree. I've never had Gringa and I enjoyed it a lot. It is a nice savory alternative to the French Toast.

Cantina Rooftop: Brunch with Sam, New York City Brunch Menu

The Entrees

Huevos Rancheros

"Eggs Ranch-style" consists of a corn or flour tortilla topped with a salsa made of tomatoes, Chili peppers, onion, and cilantro. Refried beans, rice, avocado, and fried eggs, garnished with jalapenos and cilantro. This dish is good for people who like a runny egg yolk. That is the only way I've ever had huevos rancheros; then topped with a small amount of sour cream.

Huevos Rancheros: Brunch with Sam

CLT Burger

Beef Pat LaFrieda, american cheese, chicharron, lettuce, avocado, and spicy fries.

Whenever I order a burger I most look forward to the french fries. If a restaurant fails to successful cook french fries, then there is a major problem. So this is step one of the basic test and these fries passed. The hint of spice really compliments the burger and the fresh made ketchup.

The burger meat does not need much of a description. Pat LaFrieda's family business has distributed beef in New York City since 1922. The business even offers home deliveries of their select cuts of beef, lamb, sausages, etc.

Pat LaFrieda Brunch Burger: Brunch with Sam


A two course brunch menu for $21 is worth the travel to Midtown West. The portions are very satisfying so you might end up even taking some home. The restaurant has a DJ for the brunch hour and even has an open seating area with couches if you want to take your party from the tables to the lounge area.

Cantina Rooftop: Brunch with Sam

Cantina Rooftop: Brunch with Sam, NYC Restaurants

Cantina Rooftop: Brunch New York City

Cantina is a great place for birthday meals (breakfast, happy hour, or dinner) and any group celebrations because of its wide open space. The staff has managed to keep the patio well insulated and heated in the winter so you won't feel cold or like you're actually on a rooftop in 20 degree weather.

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