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Brunch at the W

Normally I would never drag myself across the Hudson for anything, but brunch called and I was there. It was a friend of mine's birthday weekend. And if you thought that a club night and a Drake concert at Madison Square Garden was enough, think again. That Sunday Akuro and I got up and took the Path train to the Halifax at the W Hotel. I'm crazy about my brunch outfits and I remember stressing about what we were going to wear because helloooo, it's the W hotel!

Halifax, named after Nova Scotia's capital, this restaurant, which sits inside the W along the river, prides itself on its service of farmed fresh ingredients. Their beverage menu gives a nod to local producers, as well. The restaurant is a good place for brunch when hosting a large group. Their brunch special is the best I've seen yet.

Unlimited drinks AND food for $32 per person. Food was served in a tapas-style manner. Shared plates with servings from every option on the menu. Croque-Monsieur, Potato Poutine, Challah French Toast, and Poached Eggs and Ham, just to name a few. The special does not limit how much of everything you can order, either. For a group that just experienced the best Drake concert EVER (it was my first), the french toast was a repeat order throughout the morning.

As the restaurant sits on the river, it is only right that it consist of floor to ceiling windows around the front exterior, giving you a bright view of Manhattan. If you're traveling from lower manhattan or Brooklyn, the Path train is probably your best form of transportation to Hoboken. If you are a Midtown resident, then enjoy the ferry ride on a nice morning. We were all too eager to climb back into bed to take advantage of that luxury. Besides, after all the food you will consume, you won't want to do anything else for the rest of the day.

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