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Best Southern-Style Brunch: Peaches Hothouse, Brooklyn

Whenever Akuro and I get a morning to have brunch together, one place that typically pops in our head first is Peaches.

Peaches is a classic southern breakfast house nestled into the historic brownstone neighborhood, Stuyvesant Heights. I remember Peaches being the first place Akuro ever took me for brunch when we first started dating and I've been in love ever since...literally. My first time at Peaches, I ordered something simple like an omelet. This time around I refused to play it safe. We chose to try out Peaches Hothouse, which features a smaller space and shorter menu and located just a 5-7 minute walk from its sister location. Peaches Hothouse has a more casual approach. When you arrive at the restaurant, you write your name, in order, on a dry-erase board and wait your turn to be seated. I advise that you stay close because once the staff announces your name and you are nowhere to be found, expect your name to be completely removed from the list. If you're lucky, the wait won't be long.

With one glance at the menu, I knew I was getting the Hothouse Speciality: Crispy, Fried, Extra Hot Chicken. However, I upgraded mine to get waffles and grits on the side, making it a full-course breakfast. The chicken is phenomenal. What makes "Nashville Fried Chicken" so special, is the way it is prepared and seasoned with several pepper spices. Peaches' co-founder, Craig Samuel, shared during their feature on Unique Eats that their chicken is seasoned during every step of the cooking process. It is marinated with salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and several other spices he refuses to share. It is then dredged in flour which also features a list of spices, spicy buttermilk, and then fried for ten minutes. Once it is out of the fryer, it is seasoned again! This is where it gets tricky. When you take a bite of Peaches' Nashville Fried Chicken, you're hit with the crunch of the skin before the heat from the chilis. When that heat finally hits your taste buds, be prepared for a slight sweat. The heat builds up slowly and slowly with each bite. I LOVE IT.

Of course, the fried chicken and waffles was the main attraction, but since I've never had Fried Green Tomatoes before, I definitely needed to try them here. They were very tasty and...interesting, I mean it's fried tomatoes. The barbecue aioli and smoked bacon on top added to the flavor.

Akuro order the Cajun Shrimp and Grits which looked AMAZING. He barely let me taste it since my entree was so big...I think he could've been jealous that I ordered better than him. **wink wink** The Cajun Shrimp and Grits comes with andouille sausage, but if you are not a pork eater you can request turkey sausage, which does taste just as good.

Peaches takes the place for Best Southern-Style Brunch for me because of their secret chicken recipe alone. Craig Samuel said it is "the only place north of Tennessee where you can get real Nashville Style Hot Chicken." There are other chicken joints in Brooklyn that claim the same title. Have you been to one? Tell me where and share your comments below or send a direct email to

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