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Aurora Williamsburg

Although Aurora in Williamsburg is best known for its outdoor patio, I can promise you the food will not disappoint. This rustic, Latin-owned, Italian restaurant sits just a couple blocks from the water.

Aurora's alluring decor and charming atmosphere make a great location for a date, just remember to stop at the ATM first - it's cash only.

Unlike most NYC restaurants, Aurora takes reservations for brunch diners, thankfully, or we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the best seats in the house, which is commonly used for wedding ceremonies, and receptions. Visit the floral-decked patio to see why.

At Aurora, it is socially acceptable to eat pasta for brunch. All of their pastas are made in - house daily, giving you options of squid ink cavatelli, paccheri, and an oxtail ragu rigatoni to choose from. The brunch specials are probably the best Italian rendition of the classics; prosciutto di parma eggs benedict, blue crab frittata, duck confit with a fried duck egg, and steak and eggs with grana padano cheese.

With so many delicious options, there is no way you could leave Aurora feeling an ounce of hunger. Whether for a romantic date or dinner with your parents, these fairly priced Italian dishes will do the trick.

I look forward to visiting Aurora in the cooler weather to see how the patio transforms for the fall/winter. If you get a chance to visit, let me know how it goes!



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