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A Piece of the Amalfi Coast in Philadelphia

Positano Coast gives you the atmosphere of dining in the Amalfi Coast but in the Olde City neighborhood of Philadelphia. The restaurant is positioned on the second floor and provides the best selfie lighting even on a rainy afternoon due to its floor to ceiling windows. As you enter, there is a smaller dining room to the left for private parties and to the right is the main dining room. The main area features silk screens of various views of the Amalfi Coast making you feel like you're getting boozy in Italy.

I've mentioned before that I appreciate brunch menus that look like they care, versus the menus that give you french toast, chicken and waffles, and eggs benedict as your only choices. Positano Coast's menu displayed mouthwatering options like, Chorizo Omelets, Smoked Salmon Carpaccio, or Stuffed Scallops. Of course, no brunch menu is complete without Bottomless Mimosas.

My grandmother, mother, three of her friends, and myself got together here to celebrate my mother's birthday. A table of six ladies and bottomless mimosas is the most fun this place had seen all morning. Especially when the mimosas have more Prosecco than orange juice.

For our meal we started off with the salmon and hummus flatbread which was cut into 6 perfect wedges for each of us.

Everyone ordered dishes like the Avocado Toast, Lobster Roll, or the Egg Whites Frittata. I, on the other hand, scarfed down the Spicy Omelet with Chorizo, but still left space for our five desserts which we all shared.

The service was just mediocre as a couple of the ladies scrunched their noses to the fact that the waitstaff cleared our table before everyone was finished. Considering we were all sharing much of our meals, once they removed plates and silverware it prohibited us from eating the rest of the meals that were still in progress.

Overall, the meal at Positano Coast was delightful even on a rainy day. The restaurant is in a prime location in Philadelphia. Once the weather warms up, you can enjoy brunch here then walk along the river at Penn's Landing or shop on South Street just two blocks down.

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