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The Best CHEESE Burger in New York City

When I was younger, I used to order cheeseburgers at a large majority of the restaurants I went to. Now, I barely order them, but when I do it's a whole event. I won't get it if it doesn't offer something that I can't get anywhere else. My friend Emily is my Burger Queen. She never turns down an opportunity to indulge in a delicious burger when we hang out. So refreshing.

Our first time at Clinton Hall we visited the location at the South Street Seaport. I ordered their special Shrimp Burger which was served on a buttermilk biscuit **drool*. It was hands down the best "burger" I ever had. Sure it was all shrimp, but hey if they called it a burger then I will too. Clinton Hall is a great summer hang out spot whether you are alone or with a group of friends. The restaurant offers games like Jenga, Connect-4, Checkers, or a deck of cards for your table. So grab a few people and a table outside at the Seaport and you'll easily be there all night. The restaurant is known for their burgers, which are exceptional and they even offer a CLINTON HALL CHALLENGE which includes 3 beef patties, 3 slices of american cheese, 3 whole buns, apple wood smoked bacon, onion rings, a tray of french fries, CH House sauce and a pint of beer. Finish the meal in 25 minutes and you eat for free. Any challengers willing to step up to the plate?

For my second time at Clinton Hall, I ordered this masterpiece that involved a thick cut burger patty, french fries and fondue cheese...The Fondue Burger. The burger features a hole cut in the top of the bun, then filled with shoestring fries and a warm gooey, molten cheese sauce.

They are even nice enough to give you a bowl of the leftover cheese sauce for the rest of your fries and/or burger.

Don't be intimidated by the size of the burger. It is 100% worth it and the second I finished the whole thing (every last bite and drop of cheese) I was already planning my return to get the Fondue Burger again.

I also recommend the Bacon, Egg, and Burger. The Nueske Bacon was super crispy, perfect for a burger, and topped with a fried egg that was just a little runny. Dip that into the cheese and something delicious happens. I know I am probably being judged so hard for scarfing down that Fondue Burger AND still having room to have a bite or two of the Bacon and Egg...and all the cheese fries...well now I'm judging myself.

At least if you eat at the FiDi location, you can take a walk around the Seaport or down to Battery Park to walk off the endless number of carbs you just consumed.

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